Performance Movement Bootcamp

1625 BUSH ST #5, SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94109


Movement begins at you feet, the foundation of your body. Strengthen them by training BAREFOOT to help you run faster, jump higher, lift heavier, balance better and ultimately perform stronger! 

Whether you're a fitness fanatic or a weekend warrior, my goal is to get you to move better through the speed of LIFE confident and pain-free. Train with me and learn how to HARNESS YOUR POTENTIAL.


  • Body Weight Training & Free Weights

  • TRX Suspension Training

  • Kettlebells & Sandbags

  • Resistance Bands & Agility Ladders

  • Medicine Balls & More

Pro TIP:

  • First timers, please arrive 10 minutes prior to your first session for new member orientation.
  • Bring a water bottle & sweat towel. You will sweat!
  • Bring your gym shoes. There may be outdoor training at times.
  • *No shower facilities or towel service.
Jamel’s classes never fail to be an incredible workout and fun sweat! Every class is different and it’s great that he has such attention to form so you don’t injure yourself.
I just got back from my first bootcamp class and am very impressed. I’ll be honest, I’m traditionally a huge Barry’s bootcamp fan and have been going to their classes a couple times a week for almost a year - it’s gotten me in great shape. I try other classes and nothing seems to challenge me the same way..... until now! Again, very impressed and I plan to incorporate regular visits into my routine.
Best workout on ClassPass! I don’t think I’ve ever sweat so much in my life. The instructors provided helpful modifications and kept me motivated the whole class!