Natalie Bruno  6.3.14

"I started doing TRX at the TRX training center about 2 years ago and Jamel was instantly my favorite instructor. Every class I attended was an awesome workout that had the perks of great music and a great instructor. I was so impressed with Jamel that I asked him about personal training. I was about 7 months away from my wedding and I wanted to not only be in tip top shape, but I wanted to be healthier and stronger as well. In 6 months, I lost 15 pounds and was the strongest and healthiest I've ever been! I looked and felt amazing on my wedding day! During our 6 months of 1x1 training, Jamel helped me to increase my cardiovascular capacity, literally make every muscle stronger and helped me to work through and heal injuries I had previous to working out with him. Every workout was different, which helped to keep me motivated and excited. He'll push you to your limits and will motivate you to keep going when you're tired and want to quit. He's an amazing personal trainer, not only because of his vast skill set, but because of the great person he is. I've continued working with him throughout my pregnancy and I'll keep training with him as soon as I can after the baby arrives! “

Jamel is an amazing personal trainer, not only because of his vast skill set, but because of the great person he is.

Jamel is an amazing personal trainer, not only because of his vast skill set, but because of the great person he is.

Kim and Rajiv Ghatalia  3.30.14

My husband and I have been training with Jamel for two years, and we could not be more grateful.  Jamel has transformed us in terms of endurance and core strength, and has elevated our overall health and fitness to an entirely new level. He gets us to perform at our maximum potential at every session. His depth and breadth of knowledge and his ever constant need for learning keeps our routines varied, fresh and challenging.  Even after two years, we feel just as challenged as we did in our very first session, and we're progressing just as rapidly now as we did at the start. Jamel has a wonderful and motivational approach, and is able to tailor his program to engender the best results. He's the very best with whom we've ever worked, and we most enthusiastically recommend him to anyone serious about their fitness and health.

Elyssa Wasserberg  3.14.14

This letter is to let you know how much I have enjoyed working with you on my personal training goals.  I have to say that you, by far, are the best trainer I have worked with.  I appreciate how you are able to mix up each session to provide a different set of exercises at each time.  Also, I enjoy how by doing this our sessions not only become more fun, but also more engaging. In addition to the quality of your sessions, I have also noticed a great increase in my strength, flexibility, and overall body shape.  Even, the chronic pain I experienced in my back and hip have dissipated since we began training together. I realize that we have not been together for long, but based on the results I have achieved thus far, I am excited to see how far you can take me. Anyone who is looking for a quality, well educated, fun, diverse, personal trainer that will challenge what you think you are able to achieve should look no further than Jamel Ramiro! Thank you for your expertise. 

Jesslyn Morrison   3.16.14

For anyone of any age or level of fitness, you will SO benefit by Jamel as your Personal Trainer!  I began working with Jamel in October, 2013 and my level of strength, endurance and overall body shape have improved leaps and bounds.  A single workout with Jamel is like three workouts in a gym.  I love how he pushes me to a new level.  Each workout is fun and challenging, and no two sessions are alike. I’ve even given up my daily routine of weighing my self!  My focus is now how my clothes fit me – not my weight.  It’s great wearing clothes that I haven’t worn in a long while!  Thank you, Jamel!

Carmen Ardon  12.13.13

One of my life goals was to climb Kilimanjaro. I was not in shape and had not worked out in about 2 years. When I decided to sign up for the adventure, I figured now that it is a reality, I needed to make it happen. Once I started working out, I realized I was going nowhere without the right support. Running and going to fitness classes meant nothing if I didn't have someone who could push me to the limits, encourage me to wake up and work out, and make my goal a reality. That was Jamel for me. I went from “I hate running and I can’t do push-ups” to running the Lyon street stairs and Muay Thai Kickboxing all in one hour. Jamel was exactly what I needed it, a trainer who will constantly challenge my training, constantly changing  our daily workouts to get me going. He made it fun and always encouraged and inspired me to follow my dream. What can I say? I made it to the top… Thanks Jamel, you are the best! 

One of my life goals was to climb Kilimanjaro.

One of my life goals was to climb Kilimanjaro.



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