First, Tiffany Sippel and Jamel Ramiro conquered the Burpee Mile. Now hold on to your potatoes as we present to you... "The Golden Gate Bridge Bear Crawl"! Big ups to Michael Matassa for his amazing skills behind the lens.

2 San Francisco Trainers Jamel Ramiro and Tiffany Sippel take on the challenge of the Burpee Mile. Filmed at Kezar Stadium in SF.

Fist2Fist 2: Weapon of Choice Movie Trailer

Jamel Ramiro TRX instructor at the TRX Training center in San Francisco
Check out Jamel Ramiro and Alexis Craig nice pairing partner TRX/ Dynmax ball work.

Alexis and I play with the RIP trainer at Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco.

TRX Sports Conditioning with FLX & Jamel

Follow my journey as I head to San Francisco, CA, to embark on a seven week nutrition and training program with Jamel Ramiro. #sevenweekssf
For the last month, I have been focusing in on cardiovascular and muscular endurance. For the remaining weeks, this focus turns to strength and power.

Check out what our guests get up to on a typical jungle day at the Escapes




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